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Although they may not get a lot of time and attention, your eyebrows are a key feature that can either help or hurt your whole face. A set of shapely and well-groomed eyebrows can define and enhance your eyes. For those who have thin or sparse eyebrows due to genetics, aging, overplucking, or other reasons, microblading at Versailles Medical Spa In Darien is a nonsurgical treatment that can help you attain full, natural eyebrows. This newer treatment uses special semi-permanent ink and a skillful technique to enhance or recreate your eyebrows. We proudly offer microblading for patients who want defined, natural-looking eyebrows. In fact, our facility is the first licensed microblading provider in Connecticut and the first group to offer a Microblading Academy. Our founder specializes in semi-permanent makeup and loves helping and providing information to clients. Schedule a complimentary consultation at Versailles Medical Spa to learn more about microblading and to receive your personalized treatment plan.

Is Microblading For You?

A microblading procedure is a good choice for women and men who want a more defined or fuller shape for their eyebrows that can last years while looking natural. Many patients at Versailles Medical Spa who undergo microblading tend to have less defined eyebrows and would prefer them to appear thicker or have specific areas that need to be filled in. Thin eyebrows or bald spots can be caused by scars, genetics, overplucking, injuries, nutritional deficiencies, and aging. Unlike tattooed eyebrows, microblading gives you a result that looks more natural, providing full coverage or filling in small sections of the brows. Ideal candidates are in good general health, are not pregnant, and don’t have severe diabetes (high blood sugar levels can compromise the healing process).

How Much Does Microblading Cost?

The cost of Microblading in Darien will depend on several factors. The number of sessions will influence the final price, as will the severity of the cosmetic issues being addressed.

Procedure Technique

Before your microblading session, we will have a consultation to look over the shape of your brows. Depending on the state of your brows along with your cosmetic goals, we will create a customized treatment plan for your microblading procedure. The procedure is completed in our office, our microblading providers use topical anesthetic numbing creams to reduce any discomfort. Based on the size of the treatment area, the microblading process may take anywhere from around 1-2 hours. To begin the procedure, the microblading provider will groom your eyebrows. Next, they will mark your brows with a special makeup pen, which acts as an outline for where the microblading is performed. Versailles Medical Spa utilizes high-quality, 100% organic vegetable dye pigments along with a skillful technique to give you natural-looking strokes that look like individual hairs.

Your Microblading Treatment

Right after your microblading appointment, you will be able to leave our office and resume your daily activities without any needed time to recover. At first, you may have mild redness around the eyebrows, but this normally dissipates within 1-2 hours. Your eyebrows may look much darker right after the microblading process, but they will fade to your desired color in about two weeks. Our microblading providers recommend that you make a follow-up appointment around one month after your initial microblading treatment to touch up and finalize your brow shape. Microblading results, on average, last around 1-2 years, but varies based on the lifestyle and upkeep of each individual.

Well-Defined Eyebrows

You don’t have to use makeup pencils to draw in your eyebrows anymore! Versailles Medical Spa is CT’s number-one trusted provider for microblading. Proudly offering amazing, long-lasting improvements with this semi-permanent technique to fill and shape your brows. With personalized microblading sessions, you can have well-defined eyebrows that complement your whole face.

Contact our Darien, CT, office today to schedule your complimentary consultation and find out if this treatment is a good option for you! If you live near Norwalk or Stamford, CT, feel free to swing by our medical spa for a visit.

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Schedule a Consultation

Please contact us today if you have any questions about Microblading in Darien, CT, or would like to schedule a consultation at Versailles Medical Spa. We will build the ideal treatment plan for your eyebrows.

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