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Cosmetic/Medical Tattooing

The terms cosmetic and medical tattooing represent a number of nonsurgical procedures designed to help patients enhance their appearance in a lasting and minimally invasive manner. Versailles Medical Spa and our highly experienced team are proud to provide several cosmetic tattooing and permanent makeup procedures for Darien, Norwalk, and Stamford, CT patients. Whether your aesthetic goals are to boost your confidence or amplify your natural beauty, we look forward to helping you achieve them. Read on to learn more about each of our cosmetic and medical tattooing and permanent makeup offerings.

Medical Tattooing & Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup can enhance your life, by giving you freedom from the daily grind of applying and reapplying your makeup. This artistic process involves choosing a natural, soft cosmetic approach that will enhance your facial appearance. The knowledge of which colors to choose and how best to blend with skin tones are two of the factors that set our team apart. 

Athletes, sports enthusiasts, and men and women with active lifestyles are great candidates for permanent makeup. Results will vary in each client according to the shade, size, and location of the makeup. The most commonly treated areas include:

  • Eyebrows
  • Eyeliner
  • Lip Color
  • Lip Liner
  • Areola
  • Scars

Medical Tattooing

The primary goal of medical tattooing is to help restore a patient’s self-confidence. Medical conditions and treatments can often cause issues with pigment loss and scarring or in the case of mastectomy, the loss of the nipple-areola complex. Our Versailles Medical Spa team is highly compassionate with patients who make the choice to undergo medical tattooing, and we will be by your side, guiding you through each step of the process. 

Skin and Scar Camouflage

Skin and scar camouflage procedures involve the use of different shades of skin-colored pigments to disguise a scar or improve irregular pigment around the area. This technique requires a highly skilled specialist who understands the specifics of matching pigments and the physiology of human skin. 

Nipple-Areola Repair

After a mastectomy, women may be left with an altered or missing nipple-areola area. The Versailles Medical Spa team is experienced in the use of the specialized medical tattooing processes needed to recreate symmetrical and natural-looking breasts. The benefits of this procedure include minimal downtime and healing, semi-permanent results that last a very long time, and pigment that is sweat, water, and smear-proof. 

Scalp Micropigmentation

Considered a long-term aesthetic solution for thinning hair, scalp micropigmentation, also called scalp shading, looks natural and restores your bald scalp to look like a full head of hair. The procedure involves creating the illusion of hair with organic pigment. Using a micro-needle to create pigmented strokes, scalp micropigmentation is an excellent option for patients with alopecia, scarring, scalp discoloration, and hair loss. 

The Benefits of Scalp Shading

  • Effective for most hair colors and styles
  • Provides thicker-looking hair
  • Looks natural
  • Nonsurgical with minimal downtime

Correction and Removal

Traditional permanent makeup pigments can, at times, fade and require correction or removal. Our team is skilled at using advanced techniques to correct or remove undesired pigment for a more natural appearance. The non-toxic, mineral-based pigment is gently vibrated into the dermal layer of the skin using a single acupuncture needle. Next, it is applied in thin layers using individual hair stokes until the ideal color and shape are produced. The procedure typically takes around an hour to complete with very little downtime afterward. A member of our team will meet with you during a complimentary consultation to understand your needs and desires before recommending one of the following techniques: 

  • Removal – Reducing the appearance of undesired permanent makeup
  • Remodeling – Using the old outlines and locations to create a more appealing appearance
  • Restoring – A combination of the reduction and remodeling techniques to achieve the desired result


Microblading is incredibly popular and with good reason. The semi-permanent eyebrow technique allows patients to achieve their desired eyebrow shape and shade without penciling or plucking. Microblading is currently the most advanced eyebrow technique, offering stunning, natural-looking results. The process involves the precise and artistic application of pigmented hair strokes throughout the brow area. The tattooed strokes look just like real hair! This procedure is especially beneficial for patients who have overplucked or lost their eyebrows from medical conditions or treatments. Versailles Medical Spa is the first licensed microblading provider in the Darien, CT area.

Expert cosmetic tattooing

Our cosmetic and medical tattooing procedures are performed by experienced, professional and passionate individuals who are focused on helping you restore your confidence and boost your natural beauty. We invite you to schedule a no-obligation complimentary consultation at our Darien, CT medical spa today to learn more about these exciting nonsurgical procedures.


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