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At Versailles Medical Spa, our patients’ safety is our top priority. We can ensure the highest quality of treatment and care, being in the hands of our highly trained, and experienced medical staff. Under the supervision of our board-certified medical director, we specialize in the latest non-surgical cosmetic enhancement treatments, from wrinkle reduction to skin rejuvenation, fat reduction, laser hair removal, permanent makeup, and so much more. We are proud to offer the most advanced technology, giving our patients real, rapid, and natural-looking results with minimal downtime.

Our Health, Wellness, & Beauty Services

Medical Tattooing

Versailles Medical Spa offers cosmetic and medical tattooing, correction, and removal for Darien, CT patients who wish to enhance their appearance.

Finishing Touches

The Versailles Medical Spa aestheticians look forward to helping you prep for your most important event with our popular finishing touches services.

IV Nutrient Therapy

IV therapy at Versailles Medical Spa can help you revitalize from the inside out with carefully thought-out blends that promote overall wellness.

Lymphatic Massage

Often used to expedite healing following an injury or surgery, a lymphatic massage is a therapeutic treatment that promotes healing and well-being.


Our team is known for microblading treatments, which use a mix of semi-permanent ink and tiny blades to enhance the shape and color of your eyebrows.

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