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Do you typically workout and prepare nutritious meals every day? Perhaps you spend endless hours at the gym, or maybe you meal prep every Sunday, but with no obvious changes? If this sounds familiar, EMSCULPT might be an excellent option to complement your regular exercise plan and healthy meal habits.

At Versailles Medical Spa, our group is pleased to offer this innovative treatment to help add definition to your body. EMSCULPT easily helps individuals tighten and contour their abs and buttocks without the endless sit-ups and squats at the gym.

EMSCULPT is an aesthetic body shaping treatment that employs HIFEM (high intensity focused electromagnetic) equipment to help strengthen muscle and dissolve layers of fat. Individuals often use EMSCULPT on many parts of the body, including the stomach, buttocks, arms and calves. During a half-hour session, EMSCULPT contracts the muscle fibers about 20,000 times to create a more chiseled figure.

Contact our office in Darien, CT to learn more about EMSCULPT and how it improves individuals’ self-confidence. Set up an appointment with our skilled medical team. Versailles Medical Spa’s office is in Darien, CT, located between Stamford and Norwalk.

Is EMSCULPT for You?

Men and women who consistently exercise and maintain a healthy diet are ideal applicants for EMSCULPT. EMSCULPT will build your abs, arms, calves and buttocks, while breaking down the stubborn fat molecules that surround the muscles, and contouring specific body parts. This will improve your entire shape while also strengthening those body parts.

Because EMSCULPT is nonsurgical, you can go back to your daily activities. Typically, patients notice huge improvements following their first series. Individuals appreciate the simplicity of EMSCULPT and how quickly they notice definition in their treated area. During your visit, our medical team will consider your aesthetic goals and medical history to confirm if EMSCULPT treatment is appropriate for you. Schedule an appointment at Versailles Medical Spa where we can help you achieve your health and body goals.


Patients can continue with their normal activities after the procedure. Since EMSCULPT is a noninvasive treatment, most active men and women should not experience any major adverse effects. For the next couple of days, you could feel a little soreness in your abdomen due to the deep muscle tightening you experienced throughout the session. Additionally, you will need to avoid working out the recently treated area to avoid any possible muscle tear. Following the session, our medical team will create a program to help you reach your body and health goals. You typically see improvements after your initial treatment. However, you should set up other appointments to see improvements, especially for more dramatic changes.


Most adore their looks after finishing the treatments. Versailles Medical Spa is pleased to utilize the best treatments in the industry.

Our group wants to help you accomplish your aesthetic goals, and EMSCULPT is one of the many options we offer. Set up an appointment with us to explore treatment options. If you live near Norwalk or Stamford, CT, feel free to swing by our medical spa for a visit.


This body contouring procedure can take 30 minutes to treat a target area such as the abs and buttocks. If you would like to focus on many areas at once, you may need additional time. During the treatments, the device works by inducing contractions that are more powerful than a voluntary body contraction. People can see their muscle fibers tighten as the EMSCULPT transmits vigorous pulses to the abdomen. This process can help create a flatter stomach and a lifting effect in the flute area. This treatment is administered by our medical team who will check on you and adjust the intensity to make sure that you are comfortable during the entire treatment. After your treatment, it is normal to feel soreness, just as you would feel after an intense workout at the gym.

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