Simple and a Washable Mask

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, those on the front-line of this virus are being put in greater risk.


Hello everyone. Today, I’m going to help you make a mask that’s similar to the masks that is in the hospital and also the spas. It’s very easy. You can make it at home. And if you have any like pads that they use for animals, or for surgical, or any cotton pads basically. This has a plastic on the back that could protect you and the inside is cotton, so it’s also breathable.

So, we’re going to cut it in a square eight inches by eight. You can use a little ruler, if you really want to make sure that it’s 100% straight. And then, you cut the sides that has the plastics on them. Now, this is what we get, okay? Now, there’s two way of doing this. You can either do it by sewing it with a machine, or you can do it by gluing it together, okay? And I’ll show you first how you can do the glue.

Now, first thing, when you’re doing the mask you need to have something that’s going to be able, when you put it on to hold to your nose, okay? So, what we going to use is a small metal, this metal you can get from any aluminum trays. So, what you’re going to do, you’re going to clap his small piece and you’re going to be very careful with this, okay? You fold it together, okay? This way it’s not dangerous. You put it on the pad and you could glue it on the pad in the middle like that.

You’re going to fold this over it and you’re going to put glue on this side. You cover the metal. So, when this is done it’s going to stay where it’s supposed to, and it’s going to give you more of a protection like that. And then, what you’re going to do, in order to make it really nice and neat, you’re going to take the glue gun and you’re going to glue. So, now we glued the top, and we glued the bottom, okay? Then, we’re going to make a fold in the mask. So, the fold we’re going to take a little bit of glue, and put a dot on the side, on both side of the mask like that.

And then, we going to make a fold and we’re going to glue the sides together like this, okay? Then, we’re going to make another fold, and we’re going to put a little bit of glue on this side. And be careful with your hands because this is hot. And we’re going to glue this together also, okay? Now, we’re going to do the same thing with the top. A little bit of glue. This is easier for the people that don’t have a [inaudible 00:04:11], okay? Now, we got this. The only thing that we’re missing is the sides. See? We’re going to have this metal over here that’s going to hold, and this is going to cover your face.

So, now we cut the bra strap okay? This is something that we have home, you don’t need to go anywhere to buy it, okay? So, what we’re going to do we going to take the glue, and we going to glue it on this side. So, now, we’ve put the glue here. If you want to make it a little stronger, you could always get a small needle, and just sew it together to make it strong. I mean, the pad is really not that thick to hold it if it’s too tight, but it’s going to work. So, what you’re going to do, you’re going to put it on your face to check the measurement of how much it’s going to be for your face because each face is different. And then, you’re going to hold it, take it off, go back to the mask and make sure that you put the glue and you glue the other part.

So, now we glued both sides of the mask. We glued this. So what we going to do now, we going to take the rest of this string. We’re going to go around, you could even cut it before you do that, but I didn’t. And then, you’re going to make the same length on the other side, cut it, and you’re going to glue it. If you have a sewing machine or you can do it by using a needle and a thread that can work too. But this is a project that you can give your teenagers at home and say, “You know what? We can have something to do today. We can either help the community. Or we can help ourselves by making sure that we’re protected, if we want to go outside and we have a mask.”

Okay, so now this is what you got a nice mask that’s going to help you, protect you from here because this is where the metal is. Like do you see this as a big mask? This is more for men. If you want to make it smaller, you can make seven by seven, or you can make five by five. It depends on the person that’s going to be using this mask. But you see it’s very similar to this one? This one is thinner, it doesn’t have enough protection. The pad is thicker and it really helps.

We’re also making washable masks, these masks takes a lot of work. If you’re willing to help, please contact us.