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Here at award-winning Versailles Medical Spa, we have mastered the art of soft, natural-looking permanent makeup. We help our clients achieve sweat-proof, water-proof and smudge-proof makeup that enhances the face without being too bold or overdone.


Hi, my name is Lauren. I’m the patient coordinator here at Versailles Medical Spa. It’s my job to speak about the treatments that we offer here to prospective patients. And today I’m going to be talking a little bit about the permanent makeup procedure.

Here at Versailles, we offer a permanent makeup for the eyebrows, for the eyeliner, and for the lip color. We utilize an all natural organic pigment and we’re always focused on beautiful, natural looking results. A lot of our patients are concerned about what we do for their comfort during this treatment. Typically we will numb our patients for an hour prior to beginning the treatment so you’re nice and comfortable.

So we offer permanent makeup that’s sweat proof, smudge proof and waterproof. It’s great for any woman that’s really, really busy. A woman that works out a lot. Just anyone who wants the beauty of cosmetics without the time and the hassle of applying them.

Specifically for the eyebrows, we utilize a technique that’s going to create the appearance of real hair follicles. It’s a great option for a woman that’s over plucked their eyebrows, has lost their eyebrows due to age, or is undergoing cancer treatments. If you’re interested in the permanent makeup procedure that we offer here, go to www.versaillesmedicalspa.com and request your free consultation.