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Courtney | Project Manager

A project manager who is passionate about all things beauty and design. Courtney is a classically trained interior architect, turned fashion PR account executive, turned makeup artist, turned visual merchandiser & education lead for CHANEL & Sephora. That’s a mouthful. But what’s remained constant is her passion for connecting with clients and implementing her extensive background in art and design wherever possible—whether that’s through the design of a room, carefully selected product placement, or a thoughtfully chosen eyeshadow shade.

Courtney has thrived as the key ‘point person’ through all of her roles—she has a knack for absorbing information and presenting it in a clear & digestible way. From the critical details of an ad campaign to the chemical composition of bronzer, she has a strong track record of success in client-facing presentations and product education—which has led to lasting business relationships. When Courtney’s not working, you can find her scuba diving (she holds an advanced certification), making jewelry, or painting – She’s currently working on a series of paintings inspired by her love of sharks.

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